Future Image Bio

  Future Image is a youth rock band that is trained to rock! They play a range of music from classic rock to current popular rock tunes. They currently cover tunes by: ZZ Top, The Cars, Journey, Boston, Imagine Dragons, The Goo Goo Dolls, Maroon 5 and more! Expect some foot tapping fun any time these kids are rocking the house. This band is managed by Weatherhead Music Studio in Meridian, Idaho.

What it’s about

The student rock band “Future Image” is a great opportunity for students to learn what it takes to rock! More importantly, it is a safe and clean outlet for  youth to gain experience as a musician with their peers.  It’s is more than shredding guitar on stage and sporting a rad hair-do. In the student rock band students will learn how to better their musicianship by learning how to: work as a team, perfect and perform musical pieces and much more.

How it works

The student rock band meets every Thursday evening at Meridian Music and Arts to rehearse. They perform at least once a month in Meridian and the surrounding area. You can find information about their performances on Facebook here. ****If you would like information on how to get someone signed up for the student rock band “Future Image” please contact TeJay Rogers @ 208-412-4748 or tejay@weatherheadmusic.com.****

Need a live band for your event?

Future Image performs at least once a month. We are happy to perform for your event. We do book in advance so please be sure to contact TeJay Rogers @ 208-412-4748 or tejay@weatherheadmusic.com as far in advance as possible. The student rock band does not charge to perform. We do, however, accept donations. 100% of all donations go directly into repairing and updating the band equipment. This helps us keep things sounding good at keeps performance sound at a safe level for our students. Thanks in advance.